Seeking Intermec labels?

Honeywell recently announced the closure of their media operations, including the manufacturing of Intermec labels. If you’re in need of label printers and supplies, we can help.

Our team is prepared to guide you through this transition with high-quality labels compatible for use with Intermec printers.

Whether you need labels for shipping, healthcare, inventory management, or more, we have a solution to fit your needs.

Our chosen manufacturer is at the forefront of innovating the latest bar code printers, labels, and ribbons. In fact, they have been a provider of barcode printers and supplies to U.S. Federal and DOD agencies for many years and offer:

-Rigorous testing of all material and ribbon combinations to ensure high print quality and durability, plus maximum printhead life

-ISO 9001 certification with consistent, documented processes for testing

-23-point inspection process throughout manufacturing

Based on this partnership, we were recently awarded a large label order from a customer seeking Intermec labels. We offered an alternative solution from our chosen manufacturer instead.

Curious who we’re working with? Contact us to learn more.

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