You finally won your first government contract! Now what?!

Your GSA schedule is priced too high and you aren’t receiving any sales. What can you do?

You’re at risk of losing your contract for non-compliance issues. How should you proceed?

We’re glad you asked, because we’re pleased to introduce you to Quigley, a contract management web application designed especially with government contractors like you in mind.

As a government contractor ourselves, we understand the unique challenges that arise when doing business with GSA, DLA, and other government entities. That’s why we created Quigley to streamline our approach to contract management.

There’s nothing else like it on the market. Developed by government contractors for government contractors, Quigley is designed to help you increase sales and reduce risks on complex government contracts by:

  • Quickly importing product data from vendors
  • Improving speed and accuracy of contract mods (product additions, deletions, and price adjustments)
  • Auto-generating forms and reports in the required format
  • Maintaining compliance by tracking country of origin, blacklisting products, etc.

Quigley offers ease of use, efficiency, accuracy, and security so you can work smarter, not harder. Data that used to be stored in spreadsheets and other files is seamlessly managed within the user-friendly application instead, eliminating the need for desktop applications and creating a simplified approach to data management.

We’ve been using Quigley for nearly two years, and its impact has been significant. We’ve quoted several opportunities using Quigley and recently won two Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs) that we bid using the application.

Our clients are also experiencing the benefits of Quigley. One called the product “intuitive” as we guided him though his first GSA price negotiation using Quigley.

Think about how Quigley could work for you. For example:

Quickly adding new products = bigger catalog = increased sales with wider choice of products!

Are you ready for a demo? Contact us today: 317-288-3150,

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